Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Why Did I Start This Blog?


I have been reading for quite some time other blogs; Some where good, some others - not so much. There is so much misinformation and propaganda on the net, it is amazing. Of course, my views are my own, but I will try my best to base on mere facts rather then bias propaganda; I hope I will be succesful in that.

You are more then wellcome to respond and comment.

Thank you

Adam Heartman


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's a bit rich to claim you're doing this blog in response to the misinformation and propaganda on the web - and then put in Michael Behe's opinion on Lebanon/Hezbollah!

Why not point out that Lebanon was shattered by Israel forcing 100s of 1000s of brutalised refugees there?

And that Zionists have always (at least 11 years before the creation of Israel) wanted to smash up the existing Lebanon, in order to link to the Christians in the north? Lebanon is a failed state because that's the way Israel wants it to be.


12:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


What you say in the last paragraph is simply a lie. The 'Zionists' as you call the Israeli people, always maintained that they want peace with their neighbours; They were the ONLY ones who accepted the UN resolution from 29/11/1947, while all the Arab nations did not!

When I read your words I feel really sad; because unsuspecting people who read this blog might actually believe these lies.

11 years before Israel's creation [which would make it 1937/1938] Israelis in British Controlled Trans-Jordan were busy trying to rescue their brothers & sisters from the Nazi regime of Hitler, only to be again and again fend off by the merciless British Government, who did not agree to help rescue those Jews who escaped the concentration camps and persecutions of the Nazi & Nazi sympathisers in Europe.

British Concentration camps were established in Cyprus [again: controlled by us Brits since 1870] for the Jewish refugees - all of that to prevent them getting in their homeland. That is the real atrocity, if you ask me.

I am so ashamed of the part that my country - Great Britain - played and still playing in the question of Israel & the Middle East.

Please, do not spread lies about Israel; there is plenty of that going round as it is.

Thank you,

Martha Jane Harrison

2:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear me!!!!! You delude yourself if you think you are dealing with facts and are unbiased.

Just to begin with, Eric Hoffer was claimed as a fellow Jew by fellow Jews


as for the rest!!!!!!!!

1:10 PM  

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