Monday, October 09, 2006

A new important book by Professor Richard Dawkins "The God Delusion" talks about the uselessness of all religious in the life's of people on earth; It also discuss the negative role religious have on people & states. You can find more information on Prof.Dawkins site & his amazon book is now on sale.

The God Delusion
Professor Richard Dawkins

Sanity In A World Of Madness
Review: Philip Hyland [Dublin, Ireland]

I first came across Richard Dawkins when I watched his two-part documentary for Channel 4, "The Root Of All Evil?", which this book is an expansion of, and it was one of the most joyous, exhilerating and liberating experiences of my life. I was already an atheist at that stage but I didn't really know why. Having such a logical counter argument, the facts, presented freed me from any lingering belief in a god or afterlife. After that I immersed myself in Dawkins' work so needless to say I was giddy like a child on Christmas Eve about the release of this book. It's everything, and more, then I could have hoped for. Dawkins provides an all encompassing rebuttal to any argument for God's existence, highlights the dangers of religion and provides an inspiring and mind-opening view of life without the belief in God. He does so in his usual manner. His arguments are water-tight, completely convinving, easily understood by anyone, humourous, inspiring and life changing.

It has been said, probably fairly, that with this book Dawkins will simply be preaching to the choir but I imagine that there are huge amounts of people out there who like me were confused atheists or are unsure about their beliefs. I would urge anyone who is unsure about their beliefs or hasn't given them much thought to seek out this book. It's hugely enjoyable and it will change how your life for the better.

Dawkins is right that the belief in God is a delusion however any believer who reads this masterpiece and persists in their belief afterwards will be suffering from full blown psychosis.


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